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Distributed, high-load systems are what we are working with. Our certified professionals ensure stability, high-availability, in-time incident response with further prevention practices. We support existing cloud or on-prem facilities. We help with service migration into the cloud. Adopting services to a modern-modern world reality.

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Our Services

List of services our team of professionals includes but is not limited to:

DevOps as a Service

Kubernetes, AWS, GCP, Prometheus, Backups that is the only technical aspect of actual DevOps discipline out of many. We bring and advocate healthy DevOps culture and related practices to enhance daily workflows like Automation, Communications, Incident response, etc..

Backend Development

Go, Java, PHP, Python are environments we feel most confident at. That gives us the ability to build new solutions, migrate, or support of existing services.

24/7 Performance and Stability monitoring

It's is crucial to track performance metrics of your products and take appropriate actions depending on results.

Some of major components from our technological stack



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